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X-620  colorless diaphanous (transparent) epoxy coating

X-621  golden diaphanous epoxy coating

X-623  colorless diaphanous normal temperature solidify epoxy coating

X-624  white normal temperature solidify epoxy coating

X-622  phenolic aldehyde ahtiseptic coating of epoxy. It`s only passed SGS international authenticate in China and fit for FDA Standard

The operation instructions of X-622 steel drums Interior coating

1490  amino roast paint Reinforcing Agent

1491 Low temperature solidify promoter of epoxy coating. It`s not only save energy ,but also Assurance of Baking Quality of epoxy coating

1492 organic antirust water

1493 inorganic antirust water

1494 remove rust antirust water

X-362 coating of phenolic aldehyde steel drums coating for only use steel drums in China, then it’s include wide antiseptic function

X-891 Normal temperature solidify coating. It’s only patent product for steel drums coating in China

The operation instruction of X891 coating

X-60 coating. Can edible coating

X-T01 paint Remover

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