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Shanghai Xugong Coating Technology Co., Ltd

Brief Introduction

  Our company is established through the reform and recombination of Shanghai Steel Drum Technical Equipments Research Institute, Coating Research Institute of Shanghai Huagong Packing Container Co., Ltd. as well as Coating Workshop of Shanghai Chemical Coopery Plant established in 1931. It is the sole chemical company in China’s steel drum industry specialized in research, development and produce interior and exterior coatings of fast drying in normal temperature, baking type interior and exterior coatings, instant paint removing agent, degreasing solution, phosphating solution and anticorrosion solution available for steel drums. 

    Mr. Xu Guoxing, as the General Manager of our company once held such leading posts as Director of Shanghai Steel Drum Technical Equipments Research Institute, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Chemical Coopery Plant and Director of Coating Research Institute of Shanghai Huagong Packing Container Co., Ltd. Mr. Xu Guoxing has accumulated abundant practical experiences and achieved great theoretical accomplishments in the study of steel drum equipments, technologies, hull painting and coating for a period of more than 30 years. He has published more than 50 theses on numerous journals and magazines, and has made academic speeches for many times in numerous steel drum conference held in China and other Asian countries. The research team headed by him has been accredited with the title of “Model Collectives in Shanghai” in 1982 owing to the invention of A-22 textile sizing agent. Furthermore, three common steel drum coatings developed by him are honored as “Three Exclusives”. 

    1. The X-622 epoxy coating developed by him has won Scientific and Technological Innovation Awards for Shanghai Chemical Coopery Plant, and has got SGS International Certification. This product is up to FDA Standard for Food and Drug Coatings, and is now being exported in batches. It is the sole steel drum coating certified through SGS Internal Certification for exported sales that is up to the FDA Standard for Food and Drug Coatings. 

    2. The X-891 ambient temperature cured coating successfully developed in January, 1989 is absolutely the sole patented product (the patent number is ZL 01 2 45930.5) among homemade steel drum coatings.

    3. The X-362 baking type steel drummed coating is the sole anticorrosive phenolic aldehyde coating (common phenolic aldehyde coatings are very brittle) applicable to steel drums. 

   Our company enjoys the powerful technical strength of two former research institutes, and is possession of whole set of coating manufacturing equipments of Coating Workshop of Shanghai Chemical Coopery Plant. For this reason, we can skillfully deal with the research and manufacturing of steel drum coatings for continuous improvement based on the inherent advantages of former steel drum manufacturing enterprise and specialized research institute. All coating materials manufactured are applicable to steel drums, and are applicable to all the products packed. The process of coating is more compatible with the coating technique and baking conditions for steel drums, and the coat formed is more available for the pressing and shaping as per different drum cover sizes as well as the crimping of bottom cover and drum body in case of seal.

    As two former research institutes have made massive studies, tests and tries with respect to the inherent features of steel drum coatings in combination with numerous anticorrosion soaking tests, the manufactured coatings are absolutely available for the coating of steel drums. Steel drums with coatings manufactured by our company are characterized by their excellent flatness and brightness, high adhesion as well as high impact resistance and extensive packing compatibility. 

   Furthermore, our company also dedicates to the research and manufacturing of various steel drum manufacturing equipments, coating equipments, degreasing and phosphating equipments, zinc restoration equipment and grinding edge equipment for galvanized drums as well as whole production line of steel drums. As a former steel drum manufacturing enterprise, our company can also provide steel drums of various specifications.

  Other products provided by our company include steel drum protection cover, sealing plier, rubber seal ring for open steel drum, various coatings, air-dry paint, baking paint as well as solvents, diluents, anticorrosion solution and auxiliary agents applicable to various coatings and paints.     

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